3 x General Laborer’s required


3 x General Laborer’s required Isle of Grain Power Station Starting 30th June, Ongoing assignment General Laborer’s required to assist Insulation Engineers on the Isle of Grain Starting times are 7am and you will be required to work a 10.5-hour day. Paying £10.60 per hour for the first 8 hours and £12.00 per hour [...]

How to Get the Perfect Job


Find out what’s right for you I once heard a person ask if they could apply to be a Nurse. When asked if they were an SRN the applicant replied, “what’s an SRN?” It’s important to identify what you want to do. You may see going to work as a bit of a pain, [...]

CV Tips


A few helpful tips So, you draw up your CV and give it to everybody; the same pitch for every position. Think about this for a moment – your CV is selling you, and you are using the same pitch for everyone! Why not tailor your CV? If a car dealer is selling a [...]

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