Find out what’s right for you

I once heard a person ask if they could apply to be a Nurse. When asked if they were an SRN the applicant replied, “what’s an SRN?”

It’s important to identify what you want to do.

You may see going to work as a bit of a pain, but this job is going to finance your private life. The job you do will determine the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the hobbies, holidays and home you can afford – the whole thing is financed by you going to work. Work doesn’t have to be a chore. If you’re prepared to invest time and energy at the beginning, it will pay off.

Don’t apply for positions that are clearly wrong for you.

Positions which you are either under or over qualified for. The interviewer will see this and the more negative interviews you attend the lower your motivation. In the unlikely event that your application is successful, you will either find yourself out of your depth or bored.

Think about commuting.

It’s essential, unless you work from home, but everyone has a limit; whether you walk, get a bus, cycle or drive your own car, commuting is expensive. Calculate how much of your salary will be left once you’ve taken off the amount it will cost for you to commute. How can you save time and money here? For example, could you cycle instead of using the bus? This could save time waiting at bus stops and money on bus fares. Buying a car is expensive, but of course it can be used socially too.

Every minute you spend commuting is a minute off you personal time. An hour each way is ten hours per
week. Is the position worth it? Some are! If you apply for a position which you do not hold the qualifications for, there disappointment waiting for you.

Are you qualified to do your “perfect job”?

If you are looking at a position that you are clearly not qualified for, invest. Invest in yourself, go and get the qualifications you need – it’s never too late. When you sit in front of your interviewer showing your newly gained qualifications, which you invested your own time and money in, the interviewer will see you differently and take you seriously; someone who wants the position that much is always worth having. Once you get that position, and you are being 30% more as a result of having new qualifications, you will start to see the results.

We are here to help.

Our staff here at GBN are trained to assist you in identifying your strengths and your potential and steer you in the right direction.